New courses begin on June 4, 5, 6 or 7 2024  depending on your chosen day.

These courses will be 6 weeks long as no classes w/c June 26 so £60 for the whole course upfront. £12 per session drop-in fees.

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Crossed legged sitting
Carol Maguire Yoga

1. I have never practised yoga before so I'm not sure what to expect.Will everyone else be really good at it? Will I feel out of place? Am I too old/big/young/unfit?

Yoga is non-competitive so there is no need to feel concerned about being new in class.You will be made to feel very welcome and there is always a wide range of abilities and ages in my classes.Everyone is encouraged to work at their own levels according to their own abilities.Nothing is compulsory so if it doesn't feel right for you then miss it out!

2.What should I wear?

Something either stretchy, or loose and comfortable,that allows you freedom of movement.It is also good to wear several layers of clothing so that you can be warm whilst relaxing, but can peel off layers if you warm up whilst moving. Yoga is generally done in bare feet but bring socks to wear during relaxation.

3.Do I need to bring any equipment?

You will need a mat to practise on but if this is your first time then I am happy to lend you a mat until you are able to acquire your own. I also advise you to bring a blanket, not just to keep you cosy during relaxation but also handy for folding to sit on. You will learn, in time, what other props you may need to help you feel more comfortable in certain poses.Some people bring (or borrow) blocks, cushions, straps and scarves with them.

4.I'm very stiff and inflexible, will I be able to do it?

The stiffer you are, the more you will benefit from a regular yoga practice! I can always offer modifications and adaptations for poses you find challenging. As you learn to breathe with awareness during your practce, you will also learn to relax and enjoy the challenge of each pose. You will soon notice your body becoming more supple and flexible with a regular practice.

5.Are men welcome in your classes too?

Yes,of course! Yoga is for everyone. I have several men in my classes, many of them use yoga to keep them supple for their other forms of exercise like cycling and running. In addition to the benefits of the breathing and the meditation elements, yoga is a full body work-out that creates both strength and flexibility.

6.Why do we have to do the breathing?

Controlling our breath helps us to deepen our awareness in poses, encourages relaxation and benefits our entire body by bringing it to optimum health.

7.I have have heard that yoga is for spiritual people.I am not a very spiritual person,does this matter?

Yoga is not a religion. My classes provide a healthy balance between practising poses and learning a little of the yoga philosophy.It is entirely up to the individual as to whether they take the philosophy on board or not.

8.I am a shift worker. Do I have to choose one of your venues/times and stick with it?

No, not at all. whether you pay for the course in advance or come as a drop in, you are welcome to come to whichever of my classes suits you best.