New courses begin on June 4, 5, 6 or 7 2024  depending on your chosen day.

These courses will be 6 weeks long as no classes w/c June 26 so £60 for the whole course upfront. £12 per session drop-in fees.

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Crossed legged sitting
Carol Maguire Yoga


Carol's yoga class has meant so much to me.  I started taking her Tuesday morning class at Leonard Stanley Village Hall a few days after my father was buried, and I was in the process of moving back to the UK after living abroad for many years.  It was just so healing and beneficial to me to be in a safe space doing yoga with a group of people.  Carol is a wonderful teacher, and I know her classes were so helpful to me through a time of intense change, grief, and transition.  I had taken yoga classes before attending Carol's, but Carol's classes have definitely been the best!  She encourages everyone to move at their own pace, and to modify where necessary.  I cannot speak highly enough about her classes and would recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for a yoga practice in the area.

Kathy, Stonehouse

I joined Carol's Yoga class 3 years ago, having decided to change my work/life balance to improve fitness and general well being.  I went along to my first 'taster' session and found myself 'hooked' on her style of Yoga. As a Yoga teacher, Carol has a natural, calm and relaxed style which enables everyone in the class to benefit from their practice, whether new to Yoga, or an experienced Yogi.  Her 'mantra'  'listen to your body' and 'leave your yoga practice with a positive feeling' leaves me feeling calm and relaxed after each class - not pressured to achieve the perfect posture!  Carol is an excellent Yoga practitioner and through her teaching I have improved my core strength and have benefited from inner calm and a sense of well-being.  Definitely to be recommended! Namaste.                                                                                                                       Chris, Eastington

Exceptional teacher Carol runs the best class I have ever been too.She explains everything so well you don't always need a visual aid to be able to do it.The flow is perfect with everyone feeling at ease and progressing together. Carol is very inclusive and I enjoy every class I attend feeling suitably challenged and revived at the same time.

Becs, Leonard Stanley

Carol's classes are a much-needed "time out" in my busy life. The continuous flowing movements are therapeutic on many levels - highly recommended!  Mary, Eastington

This is the only 'class' that in the depths of winter I never think of not going too, and if I don't feel great before going in, I know I will always feel better when I leave!  I have certainly felt positive results with regard to my posture, flexibility and general wellbeing.

Ghislaine, King’s Stanley

Carol's yoga classes are great. You come away feeling that you have had a good workout but also enough time to relax. You just feel so good. I also find that going to yoga classes regularly teaches me how to relax in my everyday life. Thanks Carol

.Susan, Cam

“Yoga has become an essential part of my life. It eases my backache, helps me to stay flexible and I leave each session with a feeling of well-being that is hard to articulate - everyone should try it! Carol's gentle teaching style and the ambience she creates makes yoga something to look forward to each week. There is no pressure or competition and everybody takes something from it at their own level. It took me at least 6 months to really start to appreciate what yoga is about, it is far more than just an exercise class."

Hayley, Leonard Stanley

When I went to Yoga for my first time ever, it was one of Carol’s first sessions teaching, not that you would have known it at all!!  Carol was instantly very clear, concise and directive when demonstrating and explaining poses, always in a very calming tone. For someone who had no prior knowledge of Yoga, I was really dubious and not really sure what to expect, but Carol soon made me feel at ease which allowed me to quickly learn how to properly relax and truly get into the zone and get the most out of each class.  Within two sessions, I had gotten over the whole self consciousness thing and was completely hooked. Carol’s teaching has made it fun and easy to quickly learn many poses as she is always happy to reiterate explanations, listen to ideas/suggestions or try something slightly different. She is always striving to incorporate new little helpful hints on how  to make it easier to get in or out of poses, and for those who may have individual health issues.  What’s more,Yoga has the added extra effect of helping amazingly with my long term back pain.

Jo Rose, King’s Stanley

I have been attending Carol’s class for almost a year now. Not being familiar with yoga,I was rather dubious as to whether it was for me having normally gone for more active classes such as aerobics and zumba. However I have enjoyed it right from the start.Carol eases you into the yoga positions gradually and does not put you under any pressure, reminding you to do just as much as you think your body can take and to come out of postures if you feel it is getting too much. Her clear instructions and her willingness to explain movements in detail mean that I come out of her classes totally relaxed and feeling that I have progressed further each week. She also held a Yoga Dance workshop in the summer, which I thoroughly enjoyed.I find the stretching has resulted in strengthening my body and the lower back pain, which I was occasionally troubled with, has disappeared completely. I feel that I now have better posture and as an added bonus have reduced my waist by at least an inch!I would recommend Carol’s classes as not only do they suit any age and size (do not put off joining because you think you are too old and unfit), they leave you relaxed and feeling healthier and fitter inside and out.


I find classes with Carol at once relaxing and awakening: to become mindful of my body is welcome after a busy day mostly in thinking, head mode.  It feels important to connect with, become aware of, and nourish my body through the space that Carol creates.  Instructions and demonstrations are clear and poses flow from one to another. I particularly enjoy the Salute to the Moon sequence which we recently did. I feel comfortable in Carol's classes, and able to ask for guidance when I am unsure. I am also pleased that all abilities are welcome and that if I am feeling particularly tired or aching, I can simply be there, encouraged by Carol to go at my own pace and comfort level. I also sometimes accompany a person with special needs to Carol's classes and always feel that we are both most welcome. Thank you,Carol.

Emily, Quedgley

Yogatastic !Carols classes are one of my favourite parts of the week.As an Elite (but V50) Triathlete I have realised the importance of Yoga , the more active a lifestyle you wish to achieve and maintain injury free.


Chilled , friendly teacher! Love these yoga sessions !!!:)I have been going to these Yoga classes for a couple of years and I always feel Carol has a brilliant knack at making sure the classes are levelled at all abilities, giving challenge when required but always with safety and comfort in mind. She is informative and demonstrates well, but can have a laugh and put you at ease! These are a vital part of my very busy week and not to be missed !! Sarah, Leonard Stanley