Yoga Dance

In-person classes will resume w/c September  6th. These courses will be 7 weeks long so £56 (£8 per session) if paying for the whole course upfront. £10 per session drop-in fees. Scroll down to bottom of this page for venue and time information. Ring, text or email to book your place or if you have any further questions. 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Crossed legged sitting

Yoga Dance

A fun and uplifting way to keep fit and healthy by combining fluid movement with music into a yoga practice. We simply perform yoga poses, and the transitions between poses, in time with a short piece of music.

Yoga Dance is a fun, non-intimidating way to experience the benefits of yoga while also allowing the performer to have creative expression through movement.

Each dance is taught in sections by using a simple count to learn the flow and then adding in the music, section by section until the whole dance flows as one.

Can be performed on your own as a great form of exercise or, for even more fun, with others in a group.

I always include a new Yoga Dance in my annual Workshops and Retreats because they are such great fun to choreograph, perform and share with others. They add a new dimension to the practice of yoga.